Jeans for Genes Day

Friday, 3rd August was Jeans for Genes Day. A celebratory 25-year milestone of the campaign.

Raising awareness of genetic diseases in children

A campaign which came into fruition by the Children’s Medical Research Institute to raise awareness of genetic diseases in children, and to provide much needed funding to further this research. It is a little-known fact that 1 in 20 children born today are born with a birth defect or genetic disease.

Linden Electric & Children’s Medical Research Institute

Linden Electric has been proud to be working with the Children’s Medical Research Institute for the past 17 years. Although this work would be reasonably expected from an electrical contractor, it has always been work considered fulfilling and rewarding.

Behind the scenes we have seen scientists work tirelessly, without job security, working grant to grant, with little in recompense; except for the possibility of changing the nature of childhood genetic disease.

Fundraising for Children’s Medical Research Institute

This year we decided to provide more than technical services and contribute our time in supporting donations and selling Jeans for Genes merchandise. Our attire consisted of Jeans for Genes hoodies, a few blue wigs and of course, a set of jeans.


Setting up at 5:30AM Martin Place we progressed to Barangaroo selling badges, pens, lab-coat teddy bears and yo-yo’s. We were fortunate to also receive a surprise visit from the Head of Operations at the Children’s Medical Research Institute, Darryn Capes-Davis.


From there the team split up and we progressed to lend our support at Martin Place. It was remarkable to experience the overwhelming support of the local community, as well as the many volunteers who contributed their time for this noble cause.


The Result

Three weeks on, a staggering $1,000,000 has been generated and they are still counting! I’ve always considered this campaign to be one of a collaborative effort. The Children’s Medical Research Institute receives no guaranteed government funding. It relies on the support of every individual to help contribute to a future for today’s children, a future for many generations to come.

If you would like more information on how you can support the Children’s Medical Research Institute please visit or