Our Story

Linden Electric is an electrical technology contractor covering commercial and industrial industries. We have a proud history of providing quality, safety and integrity since 1977.

About us

We’re a team of licensed electrical and technology contractors who provide the highest standard of service delivery, workmanship and compliance. This is mirrored with a strong work ethic. What does that mean?

  • We turn up on time
  • We complete the job without defects
  • We use the latest and safest equipment from brand manufacturers
  • We will always do right by you
  • And no mess is left behind

Linden Electric Staff

A connected workforce

Linden Electric staff are connected in real time via their mobile device to the office. This allows for information to be logged immediately, ensuring all concerns and/or defects are adequately addressed. Staff can perform risk assessments, access MSDS, undertake certificates of compliance and toolbox meetings, as well as check relevant standards and regulations. Together with our clients, we have integrated safety procedures to meet both WHS and EHS concerns.

Who is Linden?

Truth be told there has never been anyone in the company named Linden. Warren Baker, founder of Linden Electric had spent time in the town of Linden, Germany and took a shining to the name. Then on the 20th July 1977 the company was born.

Linden Electric 70s


Our Core Values


Quality is critical to the way in which our clients operate. In service, workmanship, and product, Linden Electric holds the same level of understanding, Quality not only represents a level of standard, it contributes to honesty, it is at the heart of trust and provides the calibre to which excellence derives.


Through developments in research and safety Linden Electric has composed a SWMS designed to satisfy WHS and EHS requirements. Through careful planning our pre-start risk assessment has been migrated electronically to ensure accessibility by all Linden staff and provide essential reporting to key stakeholders. Our mission is to provide a service that is safe to both our staff and our clients.


Integrity is an essential part of how we conduct our business. Linden Electric adheres to strict moral and ethical principles and ensures honest behaviour in the interest of the client and the company. We believe integrity determines character and reputation and for that reason, no matter the consequence, we will never compromise this core value.

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